Hi & Welcome,

My name is Rohit Antao and I first launched this website in early 2000 when I went off to grad school. My goals back then were two-fold:

1) to keep my family and friends abreast of my meanderings thru grad school, and 2) to experiment with web design and web technologies.

Twenty plus years later, as I reflect on those goals and consider how I use this site going forward – I’ve had two observations. Firstly, LinkedIn and Facebook have come to become my preferred online platform for staying connected with my family, friends, and colleagues.  Secondly, given how sophisticated and pervasive the internet has become – my curiosity around experimentation remains of high interest. So with that in mind, my “current” thinking is that I may use this site for the following:

  1. To continue experimenting with web design and web technologies
  2. To maintain a repository of my thoughts, perspectives and ramblings published across different channels/sites
  3. To curate, a library of resources focused on my interests in personal (cooking, travelling, etc.) and professional interests (digital transformation, technology leadership, etc.)

Rohit Antao Has a Hunch on the Future of Software and Business

Rohit Antao lego blocks

It is Rohit Antao that has a passion for observing technological trends and to hypothesize the impact of these trends on individuals, businesses and industries. As an example, one such hypothesis is that by 2025, children as young as five will be building software that is even more sophisticated than what a majority of the established software companies build. As technology gets increasingly consumer-oriented, modular, and abstracted – they will be able to accomplish this with the same ease with which they put blocks of Lego together today.