Rohit Antao

Rohit Antao is a transformation strategist at heart, with a keen passion for leveraging technology advancements to find more effective ways to get work done and to create more engaging experiences. Today, across every business you can observe fundamental shifts impacting the rules and models for success. Customers of these businesses have a very different set of expectations on how they want to be engaged. Leaders in these businesses are faced with an entirely new landscape of competition, models for how they grow the business, and segments of the market they need to go after. Employees in this business are demanding new ways to collaborate and become productive. Partners to these businesses are exploring innovative ways in how they can team up to improve customer value. When you take a step back from all of this – at the heart of this shift you have the technology, information, and social platforms change the rules of success. This describes the new challenge of the digital era – and digital transformation represents the shift these businesses need to make to remain relevant. Professionally, Rohit Antao is dedicated to working with technology executives to help them navigate this transformation.

Rohit Antao received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics (Robotics) from Bombay University, India; Post-Graduate Diploma in IT from Monash University, Australia; and M.S. in Information Security Technology and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He currently lives in San Carlos, CA with his wife and two kids.