I have always been passionate about sharing my knowledge of technology, especially with different generations.

Rohit Antao – Digital Transformation Consultant

Never be set in your ways and unwilling to evolve your position and approach based on new information. Rohit Antao was born in Mumbai, India. In the early 90’s, he moved to Kuwait with his family where he spent the first couple of years up until the war, when Iraq invaded Kuwait.

Rohit Antao Discusses Trends in Digital Transformation

In today’s digital age, the pace of new technology and consumer expectations have been moving at unprecedented speeds. As new tools become available and traditional methods of business become outdated, operational management and business strategies have been disrupted. Organizations are forced to adopt new practices and methods to keep their heads above water.

Rohit Antao Explains 5 Trends in Cloud Computing – Rohit Antao – Medium

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing phenomenon, one that has had a considerable impact on the way organizations across the globe not only store data but conduct business. Rohit Antao, a Digital Transformation consultant, claims that the recent shift towards cloud-based services are indicative of the cloud’s many benefits: flexibility, scalability, convenience, efficiency, and reduced costs, to name a few.

DevOps model, a profile in CIO leadership, change management

CTO Alexander Pluim described his company’s situation as typical: An enterprise technology system has issues, no one is sure what is going wrong, but each worker is positive it isn’t his fault. Fortunately for Pluim, CTO at Amsterdam-based BVA Auctions, he realized the reason for his team’s predicament.

Hybrid cloud ecosystem readies for impact from arrival of Microsoft Azure Stack

The next BriefingsDirect cloud deployment strategies interview explores how hybrid cloud ecosystem players such as PwC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) are gearing up to support the Microsoft Azure Stack private-public cloud continuum. We’ll now learn what enterprises can do to make the most of hybrid cloud models and be ready specifically for Microsoft’s solutions…

7 key DevOps roles organizations need for a successful transition

Nearly every IT organization wants to embrace DevOps. The promise of increased software development speed and greater business agility that stems from streamlining and accelerating the interactions between development and operations. The problem is that there’s no easy or quick way to get there.